The love team

La Love Team de Véro
Llife went by peacefully with our little pleasures. Lizzy with us since the fall of 2009, and Rose, our "Jura lynx", whom we adopted in 2015 from a litter born in one of our neighbors. Lizzy had immediately adopted Rose when the kitten arrived home, and the two got along perfectly well in perfect poise and overflowing mutual affection.

Baby Morse arrived in September 2016. A car passed him, he escaped, got stuck in brambles, in a heatwave. I was passing by by chance, and somehow managed to free him, then brought him home where he was perfectly accepted by Lizzy and Rose… So he joined our family. It was our fate, his and ours.
The Love Team was born.
Then in early summer 2017, Baby Duck, whom a friend asked me to keep only a few days, joined the Love Team. When I was able after a few weeks to determine that this duck was in fact a duck, I named it Jane.
Finally a few weeks later, I noticed near an abandoned house what still looked like a black kitten. After many adventures in locating it, and firmly determined to retrieve it and give it to friends, I succeeded in "capturing" this terrified and obviously abandoned kitten, which was only skin on its bones. Our little Love was back on her feet, and of course the whole Love Team accepted her without hesitation.
With all this team, it is undeniable that our vets see us often! During the winter of 2017/2018, I noticed a gray cat in very poor condition, wandering in and around an abandoned farm in the neighboring hamlet. After weeks of patience feeding him twice a day, I finally managed to capture him, and head… to the veterinary practice of course! Probably around ten years old, suffering from a huge abscess in his lower jaw, weak and diseased, his belly infested with worms, this cat is unlikely to have made it through the winter. But within a few months of good care and hugs, the one we called James is in great shape, and lives permanently in the quilt shop.
We had my Darcy and I with James to the maximum of our adoption possibilities. If we wanted to give time and attention to all these little ones, it was no longer possible to accommodate one more.
And yet ... On this heatwave day in August 2018, my Darcy must have encountered a very fragile and sick little thing that zigzagged in the middle of the road. Puzzled, he turned around and let the animal approach. It was a white and black kitten, dirty, sick and blind because its eyes were stuck with pus. If he didn't die on the night of this severe coryza, it wouldn't be long before he was run over by the next car or tractor. Taken immediately to the vet, the kitten slowly recovered in the conservatory. Very quickly he recovered his strength, and his joie de vivre was touching. The kitten, now the very pretty Tiny, joins the Love team in the cottage.
The Love Team is now complete. Where one would have thought that a modus vivendi would settle between dog, cats and duck, each living on its own side indifferent to what was not a congener, it is obvious that a perfect harmony between all. Cats never fail to show their affection to Lizzy, who returns it to them with licks on the muzzle at every opportunity. Jane fitted in perfectly, feeling completely safe in the midst of her "siblings".
And since then, life has passed just as peacefully at the Cottage, with our seven little pleasures.