The Véro's World philosophy

When the Vero’s World project started to take shape and potential partners were met, one of the crucial aspects of the selection was a need to share my values, my philosophy and a certain ethics.

The companies that work with us in Great Britain, Spain and France have joined very naturally. Those based in India and Sri Lanka hold specific certifications that I was keen on, such as WRAP (No Child Labor, Decent Wages), AEKO Standard 100 (No use of chemicals harmful to humans and / or tested on animals).

It was important that these principles be respected in the production chain, and I am particularly proud to work with these companies who share my principles.

It is essential for me to spend time on site, so I will regularly work in the workshops with my manufacturers. It is a real pleasure to share with the teams, to create, to find new ideas and ways of doing things ... The stay is always very rewarding. I come up with my drawings and prototypes, from which the first samples are made. These samples serve as a basis for me, and I rework them until I get the piece of tableware or fabric that I had dreamed of and designed.

Véro’s World is also very committed to the animal cause, supporting several associations that fight every day to save animals.

It is a personal rule to never ignore an animal in distress. I have personally saved nearly twenty-five cats and a few dogs, placing some of them with friends who take good care of them, and sometimes also keeping others close to me ...

So the Love Team has grown considerably, because I am simply unable to turn my back on a suffering animal. And I say it to whoever wants to hear it, "When you see any animal in distress, save it first and then think about it. There will always be a solution ”




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  • Michèle PIcard

    Bonjour je suis ravie de vous retrouver. J’étais allée voir quand vous étiez dans la campagne lyonnaise. Belle rencontre!
    Vous n’avez pas changé. Belle journée 🌈👼

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