Our history

Dsince that day in September 2005 when Born To Quilt was born, how much has been done, how many great encounters, projects have been completed, and so much to come ...

Thirteen years have passed, many of you around the world are still following me through social media, published books, the quilt camps I organize and of course my famous quilt shop.
Interior design seems to have always been a part of my life, and I formalized this passion in Canada first, where I lived for over ten years, managing my interior design consulting business.
On my return to France, I discovered patchwork through this passion for fabrics. The Born To Quilt adventure began in 2005, and several books and magazine sections would follow. The subjects broaden in harmony with my own areas of interest: decoration, cooking, gardens, animals and nature ...
The enthusiasm of my audience for this universe which is my daily life and which I generously share is growing. Inviting my readers to come into my cottage or follow me for a walk in the English garden, convinces me to create my own fabric designs, which materialized in 2013 through a collaboration with Gutermann Gmbh, who will distribute my collections in the whole world.
Far from stopping there, I thought about a whole range of products, a decoration brand encompassing all aspects of my world. The concept of Vero’s World was born. But it was out of the question to buy finished products at the end of the world just to resell them stamped Vero’s World.
I had to create these objects, and the designs that would adorn them.
The quest was long between Europe, India, Sri Lanka to identify potential partners and especially to find those who understood my universe.
The work was titanic. From prototype creation to final validation, including visits to international exhibitions, on-site trips to Europe (Spain, Italy, Great Britain) but also to Sri Lanka and India, in order to meet the teams of the manufacturers selected, the work lasted for months. Then it was necessary to validate all the prototypes, after many round trips of the samples for modification or alterations.
But the main thing was to offer superior build quality, which is what Vero’s World offers.
And the result of all these efforts is there, for you, in this magnificent online store that you visit: household linen, decorative accessories, candles, English earthenware and many other things, made in a refined, warm style. and authentic, with that country chic touch so characteristic of my creations.

Welcome in Vero’s World