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La rose de Vero's World

Welcome to Vero’s World

La rose de Vero's World
(Historical definition): Peasant and farm workers houses. In England, small house with no land.
(Modern definition): Designation generally given to a house from any period but often pre-Victorian, with exposed beams and low ceilings, preserved in a genuine historical state.

he Cottage style makes for a lifestyle of its own, whether your home is the dwelling of the historical definition, an inner city house or a modern apartment.
Warm, refined and soft, the cottage is a place I wanted unique, by the materials used as well as by the selected range of colors. It was important for me to share this universe with you, through these original creations and designs, the result of many months of work. First in front of the drawing board, then sitting alongside our manufacturers’ teams, and finally in the setup and launch of this brand.

So just for you, I created the products of these collections, but also their designs; fabrics, pottery or house linens, oozing elegance and authenticity. Beautiful as well as practical, totally in tune with the Cottage lifestyle, they will be with you every step of the day. Quality has been paramount, both from a material selection standpoint as well as a manufacturer selection one. Several potential partners have been tested on product quality, and also on their understanding of our philosophy, the style I had in mind, and what I wanted to create: a unique universe within a special lifestyle, where fundamentals are simple yet very real: Nature, animals, the smell of an apple pie just out of the oven; the reassuring warmth of a mug of hot tea held between one’s hands on a Winter afternoon; the warm blanket, as soft as childhood, that you will wrap yourself into.

Everything has been also designed in order to be coordinated, from fabrics to tableware, from home accessories to house linens. Even the candles!
So please, come in.
And make yourself home…

Welcome to Véro’s World…

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